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Contact & Reservation

Please fill in the form below. Please note that this is a booking request and not a firm booking. The reservation will only become effective after our confirmation by email and receipt of the total amount of the deposit. By filling in this form, you agree to respect the house rules.
Rules and Regulations
1. Conditions of admission and stay

No one may enter, settle in or stay on the campsite without prior permission from the manager or his representative, who is in charge of making sure that the premises are kept tidy and in order and that the rules and regulations are respected. Staying on the campsite implies accepting and abiding by the present rules. Living permanently on the campsite is not allowed.

Booking and payments :

Pitch : a 30% deposit of the total price of your stay is requested when booking. The balance is due on the arrival day.
The pitch is available from 2 PM on day of arrival and must be left by 11.00 AM on day of departure.

Holiday rental : a 30% deposit of the total price of your stay is requested when booking. The balance is due a month prior to your arrival.

You will be given an inventory of the equipment of your holiday rental. You are to check it and inform the management of any irregularities the very day of your arrival.

The rental is available from 5 PM on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10 AM on day of departure.

Guests are responsible for cleaning before their departure. If requested, however, we can do the cleaning from 45€ to 60€.


Your deposit minus an 8€ booking fee will be refunded if we receive a letter of cancellation 45 days prior to the planned date of arrival. Beyond this period, there will be no refund.

Your reservation will take effect on receipt of confirmation by post and advance payment.


It is the camper’s responsibility to take out insurance: we accept no liability in the event of theft, fire, or any incident concerning the camper’s civil responsibilty.

2.Police formalities

Unaccompanied minors are not accepted unless they have written permission from their parents. In accordance with Article R. 611-35 of the Code for Entry and Residence of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum, the manager is required to have foreign customers fill out and sign a personal police form upon arrival. It must mention in particular :
1. Family and first names
2. Date and place of birth
3. Nationality
4. Usual address
Children under 15 can be included in one of their parents’ forms.

3.Settling in

Tents, caravans and related equipment must be set up on the pitch indicated by the manager or his representative according to his instructions.

4.Reception desk

Open from 8.00 to 12.00 AM and from 3.00 to 7.00 PM. The Reception provides all useful information concerning services available on the campsite, where to go shopping, sports activities, places of interest to visit in the area and other useful addresses. If you have any complaints or suggestions, they can be submitted here.


These Rules and Regulations are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk.
Guests will be given a copy on request. Listed campsites must display their category and specify whether they are labeled « tourisme » (touring campsites) or « loisirs » (holiday parks), i.e. proposing mostly short stays or long stays. They must indicate the number of long and short stay pitches. Guests are informed of the prices for the different types of services available according to the procedures laid down by order of the Minister for Consumer Affairs. Tariffs are available for consultation at the reception desk and at the campsite entrance


Guests are requested to inform Reception of their departure the day before. Guests who plan to leave before the reception desk is open must pay for their stay the day before.

7.Noise and silence
Guests are requested to avoid any noise and talking which might disturb their neightbours. Sound equipment must be adjusted accordingly. Car doors and boots should be shut as softly as possible. Dogs and other animals must never be allowed to roam freely about. They should not be left unattended on the campsite, even if they are shut in. Their owner can be held personally liable for civil wrongs.The vaccination record must be presented at the front desk on arrival. The manager guarantees guests’ peace and quiet by setting hours during which no noise is allowed, i.e. between 10 PM and 8 AM.

After having received permission to enter from the manager or his representative, visitors are under the responsibility of the campers who invite them. Visitors are to be met at the reception desk. They may use campsite facilities and amenities. However, these may be charged at the rates displayed at the campsite entrance and reception desk. Visitors’ cars are not allowed on the campsite.

9. Driving and parking
The speed limit is 10 km/h (6 mph) thoughout the campsite. Driving is allowed between 8 AM and 10 PM.
The only cars allowed on the grounds are those belonging to the campers staying there. Parking is not permitted on the pitches. Cars must be parked in designated parking spaces. Parking mustn’t hinder the movement of other cars or people or prevent newcomers from settling in.

10.Upkeep and appearance of the camp facilities
Campers must refrain from doing anything that might affect the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, especially the sanitary blocks. Throwing wastewater on the ground or in the gutter is forbidden. It must be disposed of in the wastewater drain. Rubbish, paper and any kind of waste must be put into trash bins.Washing must be done in the sinks. Please use the shared clothesline. Hanging laundry on the pitches is tolerated until 10 AM if it is unobtrusive and does not disturb the neighbours. Washing lines must not be attached to the trees. Trees, shrubs and flower beds must be respected. You cannot hammer nails into the trees, cut branches or plant anything. Don’t mark off the pitch on your own or do any digging. The cost of repairing any damage to plants, fences, grounds and facilities will be charged to those responsible. The pitch used during your stay must be left in the same condition as it was when you arrived.

a) Fire:  Strictly no open fires (wood, charcoal, etc) on the site. Camping stoves must be maintened in a proper state of repair and not be used in hazardous conditions. In case of fire, you must immediately notifiy the management. If required, use the fire extinguishers. A first aid kit is available at the reception desk.
b) Theft:  Although the management is responsable for objects left at the Reception and has a general duty of care for security at the campsite, campers are responsible for belongings kept on their pitch and are advised to take all the usual precautions to protect their personal effects. Please report to the management any suspicious presence.

12. Games
No rough or annoying games are permitted near the pitches or facilities. The common room must not be used for excessively lively activies. Children must be under the supervision of their parents at all times.

13. Unoccupied tents and caravans
Unoccupied tents and caravans may be left on the campsite only upon approval of the management and on the specified pitch. You may be charged a fee for this service.

14. Infringement of rules and regulations
Any camper disturbing the stay of other campsite users or failing to comply with these rules and regulations will be requested by the management to put an end to his behaviour, either orally or, if deemed necessary, in writing. In the event of serious or repeated infringement following a demand to comply with the rules and regulations, the manager may terminate the contract. In case of unlawful acts ; the manager can call the police.

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